Recycling Sony Laptop Batteries

Along with the pleasure of having a laptop computer comes the inevitable time when you will have a laptop battery that has reached the end of its life. Should you toss it out or is there a better alternative? As the news spins about stories of global warming and we all hear about how landfills are filling up faster than anyone can handle, “going green” has never been so popular. There if you have a Sony laptop, take a moment to find out the simple ways you can help out by recycling Sony laptop batteries and how this can benefit not just the environment, but you personally, as well.

Sony Battery

Sony Battery

If you own a Sony laptop or notebook computer, you should know about the ways in which your old battery can be recycled before you head toward that trash can. You may be tempted to simply throw away a battery that is no longer of use. Nevertheless, the next time your battery dies on you, take a minute to think about how you can “go green” with this, before you simply toss it out.

Your Sony laptop battery can be recharged many times, however with all such batteries, there will be a time in which the battery has been fully discharged and recharging simply does not work anymore. When this happens, the battery will not be able to be used any more. As with just about all types of batteries, Sony laptops batteries are harmful to the environment. If just tossed away with everyday trash, this will have a detrimental effect to the environment. In a world that is going green more and more each day, anyone who has an old battery should learn about the very simple methods of taking that battery and making sure that it is recycled and not thrown away.

Sony has made this easy for their customers and has set up very easy to read information which is accessible from their main website. This points people to their Rechargable Battery Recycling Corporation website. As with most major corporations, Sony is taking big steps to make recycling easy for all who are involved. As the public wishes to green, corporations follow.

There is a national program that has been set up called Call2Recycle. This program is helping thousands of people help the environment by recycling their Sony laptop batteries in the easiest way possible. Since this program has been incorporated, more than forty million pounds of batteries have been recycled.

With green being the way to go, there are over fifty thousand drop off locations all around the world. The goal is to make drop off as simple and easy as possible. Places such as supermarkets, home good stores, convenience stores, schools and other places designate themselves as locations where you can bring your old battery and they will take care of the rest. If you are not sure if there is such a place close to where you live, a fast search on the Internet will be able to let you know. Additionally, your local city hall or other such local government should be able to offer you a list of choices.

It may not seem like doing the right thing with one battery would make a difference. However, one must keep the big picture in mind. Joining forces since the inception of Sony’s recycling program has collected forty million pounds worth of batteries. This is a great amount considering the ten to fifteen minutes it may take a person to dispose of the batteries in this way.


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