Power Laptop Could Get New Life

The tech world is developing quickly, and so is the laptop power technology. The today’s result of laptop power packs research is a gradual switchover from lithium iron batteries to portable fuel cells.

Media Bay Fuel Cell

Media Bay Fuel Cell

We can trace the respected activity of some power source makers and be aware of what we are to have soon. For instance Panasonic’s purpose is to create a methanol fuel cell enabling a laptop to work for 20 hours, but this promise is planned by the company only in two-three years.

The more working hours for cell-phone talk is already offered by Medis Technologies Ltd., it has issued a 1-watt liquid borohydride fuel cell recharger with the above-mentioned potency. But the 24-7 Power Pack when exhausted has to be recycled, not refuelled.

Anyway some analysts do not expect the wide commercialization for fuel cells, the switchover will go a bit at a time. The new technology should be standardized. And nowadays some companies manufacturing laptop power units are moving toward their products other than fuel cells, but enabling enlarge their capacity as well. For instance silver-zinc batteries are expected from Lenovo, and their capacity will be 20-30 per cent higher than that of a conventional lithium ion battery.

Source: cbsnews.com



  1. Posted December 30, 2008 at 11:17 pm |

    After see this i just say this SUPERB

  2. Posted January 2, 2009 at 7:00 pm |

    So let me get this right? The new batteries are going to be running off of gasoline basically? Hmm, I am not sure if this would be the best way to go. How about, I don’t know hydrogen or something like that? And I know a little something about batteries too.

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