Energy Efficiency Without Batteries

It is interesting if anyone could believe that soon it will possible to power laptops without any wire, just through the air. Of course nowadays we can expect any wonder in the world of technology, as we can see its evolution in full size.

CES 2009 Logo

CES 2009 Logo

The International Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas last week showed brilliantly that it is quite possible at first for such commercial products as digital picture frames, audio speakers and untethered lighting.

Specialists think what WiFi does for the internet, WiTricity, wireless electricity, will be able to do for laptops, to be more exactly for laptop batteries. This electricity broadcasting will be possible for different gadgets.

CES 2009

CES 2009

The editor of gadgets website Mr. James Holland says on this point:

“You’d be able to buy a desk that charged any gadget placed on it, or power any PC you put on top, if each room had wireless power, you’d know that once you walked through the front door your mobile would start charging up – even while still in your bag or pocket. You’d never need to hunt for the right charger again.”

The system of PowerBeam, showing the new technology, provides power to an invisible laser, the beamed electricity then comes as heat to a solar cell, converting it back to electric power.

The co-founder of the company Mr. Graham says:

“We’re going to delete the word ‘recharge’ from the English dictionary. If your cellphone is recharging on your desk all day, you won’t be thinking about it.”

It is hard to imagine, but is likely true, the world with no batteries and no charges is coming.



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