5 Tips to Prolong Laptop Battery Life

Owners of laptops can enjoy the benefits of working or surfing the Internet on the go. This is the main selling point of having a portable laptop; however any owner must also think about the battery. As the owner of a laptop, you will want your battery to last as long as possible. Rechargeable batteries can only be recharged so much, and then it will be time to purchase a new one. The average laptop battery only lasts two to four years. How can you extend the life of your laptop’s battery? The answer is by simply following these 6 tips to prolong laptop battery life.

Lenovo Laptop Battery

Lenovo Laptop Battery

Tip number one for prolonging the battery life of your laptop’s battery is to defrag your computer. This is something that many laptops owners over look and many do not realize with affect the life span of their rechargeable battery. There is a good reason why this will help. The easier it is for your hard drive to work, the less battery power it is that your laptop will consume. When you perform a defragmentation, this will increase the reading speed of your hard drive. When you hard drive spins and reads, it takes up quite a bit of battery power. Therefore, set a schedule and do a defragmentation one time per month. Your computer will run faster and your battery will last longer.

Tip number two in the 5 tips to prolong laptop battery life is to simply think about what is going on behind the scenes while you are typing or clicking around. It is easy to forget about programs that you have opened previously that are running in the background. If you do not need a program any longer, just take those few seconds to close it down and this can greatly help. Instead of your battery using precious power for a program you are not even using, you can extend its life by just asking it to give you power for what you actually need.

Tip number three in the 5 tips to prolong laptop battery life is to take care of your battery. Many people do not think about the battery as it sits inside of their laptop. However, by taking just a little bit of time to clean and maintain it, you can greatly extend its life. Once a month, you will want to clean it and this is a very easy and simple task. All you need is a small cloth and a bit of rubbing alcohol. A wipe across your laptop’s battery where it makes connection one time per month will give you better transference of power, thus extending the life.

Tip number four in the 5 tips to prolong laptop battery life is to keep in mind if you really need to use Wi-Fi all of the time. There will be plenty of times that you do use your Wi-fi, but then perhaps do a copy and paste into a document and work from that. In these cases, turn off the wireless connection and you will stop that battery from consuming a whole bunch of power.

Laptop Battery Tips

Laptop Battery Tips

Tip number five and the final tip in the 5 tips to prolong laptop battery life is to think about temperature. It really does make a difference. What keeps a laptop cool? It is the air vents and these can quickly become clogged up with dust. When you keep these vents clean, you are prolonging the life of your battery. It only takes a moment or two to use a keyboard cleaner to blow out the dust that accumulates. Do this one time per month, along with the above tips and you will notice a big difference.



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    Thanks for the tips on prolonging battery life. I try to save money whenever I can so this is great.

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    I agree. This is absolutely a must read article especially to those seeking for help when it comes to prolonging their laptop battery life. Maybe I can also apply this to my DELL E1705 battery. Gee, thanks!

  3. Posted June 2, 2010 at 12:17 pm |

    Turning off the wifi is something EVERYONE forgets. Not only will it shorten the life of the battery but it will also shorten the life of the laptop itself.

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